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Connect Better
with your Guests

Paperless operations
reduced carbon footprint

Streamline business process
and reducing operation costs

Differentiated offerings
keeping your guest engaged

Learn about the benefits MySmartCheckIn provides to your hotel

  • Room Assignment using AI

    Our patented Artificial Guest Intelligence algorithm helps ease the process of Room Allocation.

  • Data Security

    Guest Data is fully encrypted, securely stored on hotel servers. Only Hotel and the guest can access it.

  • Business Intelligence

    Our BI determines what services and products to suggest to each guest but lets the hotel make the final call .

  • Guest Profile

    Our guest profile has each guest's preferences. It leverages his profile based on requests, social media, location, and time of day .

  • Analytics

    Analyzes your guest satisfaction, preferences, pre-stay needs and improve your services strategy.

  • Guest Surveys

    Get real time mobile feedback from your guests – a channel which guests are more willing to respond to.

  • Customization

    Customize the app your way: include your brand, services, products, nearby amenities, your language(s), and much more!

  • PMS Integration

    Optimize productivity and costs by easily integrating with your PMS systems.

  • Direct Marketing

    Enhance your marketing channels with personalized promotions and social media campaigns.

  • Multi Language App

    English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic – and more! Make it your own. .

  • Request Manager

    Handle all incoming requests from guests in a simple desktop application.

  • Keyless Entry

    MySmartCheckIn is NFC or Bluetooth enabled - keyless entry or key ready at front desk…no lines.

MySmartCheckin Technology, Integration & Security

Technical Operations

  • 100% Web based solution
  • 24*7 support
  • Easy to Integrate with exiting Property
    Management Systems (PMS) and
    seamless adoption with little or no
    overhead for the hotels
  • Integration can be done remotely
    taking 1-3 weeks, varying by hotel
  • Open source components
  • API based solutions
  • Compatible with NFC door locks and
    Bluetooth receivers(for your exiting
    locks so you don’t replace them)


  • Hosted on https (Service, Webcheckin,
    Webbooking, FD Portal)
  • Password protection via bcrypt
    encryption algorithm
  • Encrypted token based authentication
    and reset password
  • Image and file protection using
    encryption and access permission
  • Use for standard payment gateway
    for online payment
  • Audit log
  • No data stored at MySmartCheckin:guest data
    is only accessible by the hotel


Engage your guests using the communication channel of their preference.

What hotels are Saying

“Great app! Love the idea of having the chance to communicate with the hotel and order its services through my iPhone, whenever I want.
Very convenient. All hotels should have MySmartCheckIn!”

The Grand Calangute, Chairman

What hotels are Saying

“When I’m travelling it’s not easy for me to talk to the hotel staff when they don’t speak proper Spanish.

With MySmartCheckIn, being able to communicate with the hotel in my own language was quite useful.”

Baga Beach Resort, General Manager

What hotels are Saying

“One of the things I really hate in hotels is having to wait for everything. Now with a simple tap, I can order what I want!

Tried to book a massage and within seconds it was confirmed. I recommend MySmartCheckIn to everyone. Much easier.”

Cuba Resorts, Chairman

What hotels are Saying

Now I don’t need to look for a phone or a hotel staff member to ask for anything.

It was a quite nice experience visiting Lisbon downtown and being able to book a table for dinner at the hotel restaurant in a blink of an eye.”

TSK Holidays, Vice President

MySmartCheckin Current Client Case Study

A full service chain with 20 locations and 6,000 rooms across India shared their feedback

  • Optimize Hotel front desk operations: 33% in labor savings from 3 to 2 resources in 20+ properties

  • Real time chat allowed guest’s complaint/requests during stay:22% improved in CSAT

  • App used as marketing and branding tool to attract 8% more customers

  • Go green: paperless operations reduced carbon footprint

  • Pre-Trip registration saved 1,500+ printed invoices across 6,000 rooms

  • Mobile feedback form received valuable input from guests on service improvements, resulting in overall satisfaction and
    12% more guest retention

  • Pre–trip special requests resulted in better inventory management and more inventory control

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